Summer Camp 2018, Camp Parsons



Camp Fees:

Camp cost does not include transportation fees.

Fee Amount Due Date
Deposit $ 150 Jan 30
From Friends of Troop 361 $-39  
Payments $ 100   March 20  
Final Payment $ 101 May 22
Youth total cost $351  
Total Camp Fees $ 390  




Roadmap to Summer Camp 2018:

If you needs a Scholarship, you will be ask to apply to the Pacific Harbors Council Campership fund first.

Please Note: Incoming Webelos scouts need to sign up for camp as soon as possible to reserve a spot. A Troop 361 Scout account will be set up with a deposit of $ 50 to be used for Summer Camp cost. Please sign up even before your son cross over into our troop.





Sign Up for Summer Camp


Note:  New Scouts may sign up until 

May 22

Sign Up
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to reserve your spot, and spots are limited!

Sign up ASAP! 

Pay some reasonable fees



$ 50/person deposit
$ 100/Jan payment (or total of $150, by Jan 30)
$ 100/Mar 20 payment
$ 101/March 22 Final Payment
$ 351 Total,

Plus a 10% reduction from "Friends of Troop 361" $39 total of $ 390 to Camp Parsons

Get Physical


Requires doctor visit. Please don’t procrastinate

Please use the following link to get Physical forms for summer camp:

Use the "Going to Camp" version.  Parts A & B are filled out by parents.  Part C is filled out by your Health Care Provider.  Must use the 2014 version. Camps will not accept any other version

Parents and Patrol Advisors get familiar with Leader Guide


Leader Guide will be emailed to everyone when it becomes available.

Give Permission


Sign forms and Troop Permission form

Attend mandatory parents meeting


Note:  Instead of normal Troop Meeting

Parents Meeting

Form Up

Time TBD

Depart TBD

Pick Up


Return TBD


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